Proven Ancestors Added in 2021

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2021. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

Lavina Powell Alexander;  b. Kentucky, 1814; To Rush Co., 1832
Vestal Atkinson;  b. Hendricks Co., 1836;
Mary Wheeler Barnes;  b. Kentucky, 1798; To Shelby Co., 1833
Noah Barnes;  b. Maryland, 1788; To Shelby Co. from Kentucky, 1833
Philemon Barnes;  b. Kentucky, 1826; To Shelby Co., 1833
William Barton;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1763; To Posey Co., 1820
Anna Maria Peeler Beck;  b. N. Carolina, 1769; To Washington Co., 1820
William Bray;  b. N. Carolina, 1795; To Morgan Co., 1826
Eliza Jane Golding Brown;  b. Franklin Co., 1828; To Shelby Co., 1842
John W. Brown;  b. Ohio, 1819; To Shelby Co., 1824
David Burket;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1755; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1830
Susanna Phautz/Phouts/Fouts Burket;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1771; To Henry Co., 1830
Jacob Butts;  b. Pennsylvania, 1793; To LaGrange Co. from New York, 1834
Pleasant Bybee;  b. Virginia, 1784; To Putnam Co. from Kentucky, 1830
Baylis Cloud;  b. Virginia, 1777; To Dearborn Co. from Kentucky, 1812
{To Clinton Co., by 1840}
{Elector in Dearborn Co., 1812}
John R. Cook;  b. Virginia, 1791; To Jay Co., 1837
Mary E. Harford Cook;  b. Virginia, 1793; To Jay Co., 1837
John Martin Doty;  b. Pennsylvania or Virginia, 1789; To Parke Co. from Ohio, 1816
{In War of 1812}
William Downs;  b. Pennsylvania, 1804; To DeKalb Co., 1849
Hezekiah Dukes;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1750; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1815
Priscilla/Presilla Cohoon Dukes;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1757; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1815
Robert Elliott;  b. S. Carolina, 1793; To Washington Co., 1820
Joseph Enlow;  b. (Indiana) prob. Dubois Co., 1802;
Adelia Green Foudray;  b. New York, 1817; To Franklin Co., 1838
John Wood Foudray;  b. Delaware, 1789; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1824
John Calvin Fouts;  b. Clark Co., 1828;
Alpheus Brown Gaff;  b. Ohio, 1829; To Whitley Co., 1840
{To Noble Co., ca. 1842}
Abraham Garrett;  b. Virginia, 1784; To Greene Co., 1819
Jacob Garrett;  b. Greene Co., 1828;
Phebe Bly Garrett;  b. Virginia, 1792; To Greene Co., 1819
Sylvester Golding;  b. Kentucky, 1803; To Franklin Co., by 1828
{To Shelby Co., by 1850}
Joseph Gronauer;  b. Germany, 1804; To Allen Co., 1833
{Lock-keeper on Wabash & Erie Canal in Allen Co.}
John Gunning;  b. Virginia, 1799; To Shelby Co., by 1839
William Gunning;  b. Shelby Co., 1839;
Elkanah Fuller Gustin;  b. New Jersey, 1774; To Madison Co. from Ohio, 1829
Michael R. Hall;  b. Maryland, 1769; To Martin Co. from Kentucky, 1822
Mary Myer Barnard Crull Hamilton;  b. Pennsylvania?, 1809; To Union Co., 1830
Louisa Harriette Hinkle Harbin;  b. Greene Co., 1831; To Sullivan Co., by 1855
Jemima McCray Harding;  b. Fayette Co., 1817;
Laban Harding;  b. Fayette Co., 1817;
Emily Ann Cook Hester;  b. Virginia, 1818; To Jay Co., 1840
Elizabeth Fox/Fuchs Hinkle;  b. Pennsylvania, 1762; To Sullivan Co. from Kentucky, 1819
John Henry Hinkle;  b. N. Carolina, 1793; To Greene Co. from Kentucky, 1821
David Hittle;  b. Pennsylvania, 1772; To Rush Co., 1840
Hannah Leonard Hodgson;  b. N. Carolina, 1801; To Wayne Co., 1821
{To Randolph Co., by 1830}
Isaac Hodgson;  b. N. Carolina, 1781; To Wayne Co., 1821
{To Randolph Co., by 1830}
Amelia Simmons Humphrey;  b. Jefferson Co., 1818;
Daniel Washington Hunter;  b. N. Carolina, 1838; To Greene Co., 1840
Elizabeth Holloway Huntington;  b. New Jersey, ca. 1779; To Hancock Co. from Ohio, by 1840
Silas Huntington;  b. New Jersey, ca. 1770; To Hancock Co. from Ohio, by 1840
John Husselman;  b. Virginia, 1793; To DeKalb Co. from Ohio, 1842
Gideon Jackson;  b. Kentucky, 1799; To Jefferson Co., 1820
{To Boone Co., by 1840}
Jefferson "Jeff" Ganaway Jackson;  b. Sullivan Co., 1840;
{In Civil War}
Mary Litsey Pirtle Jackson;  b. Kentucky, 1813; To Sullivan Co., 1839
Nicholas Kemmer;  b. Germany, 1758; To Fayette Co. from Kentucky, 1835
{In War of Revolution} {Helped empty tea into Boston Harbor}
Uzal Kimble;  b. Ohio, 1818; To Wells Co., 1850
John King;  b. Maryland, 1806; To DeKalb Co., 1848
Frederic Kline;  b. France, 1798; To Allen Co. from New York, 1834
George Knoy;  b. N. Carolina, 1780; To Morgan Co., 1831
Margaret Crawl Kynes;  b. Kentucky, 1809; To Shelby Co., 1835
Simeon Kynes;  b. Virginia, 1807; To Shelby Co. from Kentucky, 1835
Susanna Slack Litsey;  b. Pennsylvania, 1750; To Sullivan Co. from Kentucky, 1821
Nathan Macy;  b. N. Carolina, 1802; To Henry Co., 1824
George Major;  b. England, 1811; To Daviess Co., 1840
Eleanor Branham Marshall;  b. Jefferson Co., 1816;
John Martin;  b. Kentucky, 1795; To Hancock Co. from Ohio, ca. 1826
Sarah Kiester Martin;  b. Ohio, 1795; To Hancock Co., ca. 1826
Alonzo James Mather;  b. Delaware Co., 1834;
{In Civil War}
Eliza Hodge Mather;  b. Pennsylvania, 1810; To Delaware Co., 1832
John Mather;  b. Ohio, 1807; To Delaware Co., 1832
James McCague;  b. Pennsylvania, 1795; To DeKalb Co. from Ohio, 1848
Ann/Arura Miller McClelland; To Franklin Co. from Tennessee, 1814
{To Marion Co., by 1822}
Eleanor/Ellen Julian McClelland;  b. Wayne Co., 1823;
Ellis Downing McConnell;  b. Ohio, 1802; To Fayette Co., 1826
Joseph McHenry;  b. Pennsylvania, 1780; To Switzerland Co., 1818
{Justice of the Peace}
Alexander Asbury Miller;  b. Jackson Co., 1811; To Decatur Co., by 1827
{To Carroll Co., 1827}{To Fulton Co., by 1830}{To Rush Co., by 1840}
Margaret "Peggy" Hinkle Miller;  b. N. Carolina, 1797; To Knox Co. from Kentucky, 1819
Margaret McClintoch Elliott Miller;  b. Decatur Co., 1819; To Fulton Co., by 1837
Samuel M. Miller, Sr.;  b. Kentucky, 1800; To Knox Co., before 1820
James Nesbitt;  b. Franklin Co., 1828;
David C. Nicoson;  b. Kentucky, 1794; To Sullivan Co., 1819
{In War of 1812}
Maria/Mariah Catherine Miller Nicoson;  b. Knox Co., 1825;
Reuben Terry Nicoson;  b. Kentucky, 1817; To Sullivan Co., 1819
George Osler;  b. Maryland, 1805; To Hamilton Co. from Pennsylvania, 1840
{To Tipton Co., by 1850}
Sarah (Unknown) Payne; To Fayette Co. from Kentucky, 1834
{To Wabash Co., 1836}
Francis Smalley Pierce;  b. Vermont, 1806; To Wayne Co. from New York, 1831
Nancy Pettit Powell;  b. New Jersey, 1805; To Franklin Co., 1823
Osias Powell;  b. Bartholomew Co., 1838; To Miami Co., by 1850
{In Civil War}
Samuel Power;  b. Kentucky, 1825; To Rush Co., 1830
Samuel Powers;  b. Warrick Co., 1820;
Joseph Reeve;  b. Pennsylvania, 1808; To Jackson Co., 1829
{To Daviess Co., by 1840}
Archibald Reid, Sr.;  b. N. Carolina, 1772; To Fayette Co. from S. Carolina, 1812-14
Jacob Romine;  b. Ohio, 1823; To Fountain Co., 1825
John Shaddy;  b. N. Carolina, 1754; To Switzerland Co., 1832
{In War of Revolution}
Martha Beeson Cleaver Shanks;  b. Virginia, 1799; To Wayne Co., 1839
{To Jay Co., 1840}
Michael Hall Shanks;  b. Virginia, 1783; To Wayne Co., 1839
{To Jay Co., 1840}
Elizabeth Amanda Logan Shields;  b. Kentucky, 1795; To Harrison Co., 1813
Elizabeth Jane Elliott Shields;  b. Washington Co., 1826;
Ezekiel Shields;  b. Washington Co., 1822;
William Shields;  b. Virginia, 1768; To Harrison Co. from Tennessee, 1812
Andrew Shuck;  b. Kentucky, 1793; To Switzerland Co., 1820
Elizabeth Payne Slagle;  b. Kentucky, 1824; To Fayette Co., 1834
{To Wabash Co., 1836}
Luther Sly;  b. New York, 1816; To Clark Co., 1834
{To Harrison Co., 1838}
David Sparks;  b. Tennessee, 1785; To Hendricks Co. from Kentucky, 1830
Elizabeth Webb Sparks;  b. Franklin Co., 1814; To Fayette Co., by 1833
William Sparks;  b. Franklin Co., 1812; To Fayette Co., by 1833
Trice Stafford;  b. Maryland, ca. 1770; To Knox Co. from S. Carolina, 1812
John F. Todd;  b. Kentucky, 1806; To Switzerland Co., 1813
Jonas Trobaugh;  b. Virginia, 1802; To Crawford Co. from Tennessee, 1828
{To Harrison Co., by 1834}
Martha Henderson Waggoner;  b. Ohio, 1811; To Rush Co., 1827
Peter Sylvester Waggoner;  b. Kentucky, 1805; To Rush Co., 1827
William Alexander Warthen;  b. N. Carolina, 1795; To Morgan Co. from Tennessee, 1930
{In War of 1812}
Abraham/Abram Watson;  b. Ohio, 1799; To Hancock Co., by 1835
Elizabeth Huntington Watson;  b. Ohio, 1807; To Hancock Co., by 1835
Isaac Watson;  b. Ohio, 1828; To Hancock Co., by 1835
Siluda/Saluda Martin Watson;  b. Hancock Co., 1828;
William Watton, Jr.;  b. Ohio, 1818; To Fayette Co., 1823
Eliza Cunningham Weddle;  b. Morgan Co., 1839;
Harmon Hogan Weddle;  b. prob. Monroe Co., 1830;
Sarah Miles Weddle;  b. Kentucky, 1809; To Morgan Co., 1828
{To Monroe Co., by 1830}{To Brown Co., by 1840}
Thompson Weddle;  b. Tennessee, 1806; To Morgan Co., 1828
{To Monroe Co., by 1830}{To Brown Co., by 1840}
Andrew West;  b. N. Carolina, 1799; To Pike Co., 1830
John Whiteneck;  b. Virginia, 1802; To Union Co., 1825
{Minister, German Baptist}
Lucy Kingery Whiteneck;  b. Ohio, 1807; To Union Co., 1819
Samuel Whiteneck;  b. Union Co., 1833; To Wabash Co., by 1847
Jacob Wirick (Wyrick/Weirick) ;  b. Ohio, 1812; To DeKalb Co., 1837
Absalom Wood;  b. Virginia, 1794; To Crawford Co., 1825
John Meadow Wood;  b. Kentucky, 1815; To Marion Co., 1834

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