SIP Application Process

Let’s get started with filling in the application!

The SIP Fillable-PDF Application Form

  • CLICK on it to download it to your computer.
  • SAVE it with a new name. Maybe use your ancestor’s name so you can locate it later.
  • FILL in the application with your information! It is a fillable form so you can TAB to each field.
  • PRINT the application out and SUBMIT it along with copies of your documentation and the fees.
  • We request that you submit birth, marriage, and death records(copies) — making sure that the tie between generations is also documented. Documents, as listed on our website, can range from actual birth and death certificates to wills, probate records, obituaries, tombstone photos, bible records and a whole host of other items.
  • Census records starting in 1880 thru 1950 give relationships of the family unit so they can also be used to show relationships.
  • Basically, each generation, starting with yourself, needs to have documentation for birth, marriage and death.
  • Once you have the application filled out through your pioneer ancestor, then we suggest that you go ahead and submit the application, documentation copies, and fees, so the application can be reviewed by the genealogist. If we see anything that needs to be added, we will either attempt to locate it for you or let you know what we will need to complete the application. Of course, if we find anything new, we will send it to you for your files as well!