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Ancestor Lookup is an important part of the application process.

The Society maintains a database of proven Pioneer Ancestors for use by prospective members when applying for membership as well as being a source of genealogical information for current members.

The database search page is being moved to our new site; in the interim, however, the following link will take you to the Ancestor Search page from our old website.

Old SIP Ancestor Lookup Click HERE
This Ancestor Biography section is a new one for us!

It is still in the early stages, but you can take a peek to see what is coming. Our ancestors went through a lot to keep their families fed and cared for which means that there are a lot of stories to be told.

For several years, we have been collecting pioneer photos and believe that we are close to bringing it to life.

Look through your old heritage photos and if you find a photo of your pioneer ancestor, we would love to show it off along with other Indiana pioneer ancestors.

This section is NOT online yet, so keep checking back! If you have a photo that you would like to see added to the collection, please send as good of a copy of it either through mail or email to and we will clean it up as much as possible and get it ready for display!